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Renan Serrano

Renan Serrano

Founder E CEO - TREND T

I see myself as an expansionist, adapting along with a growing environment, also an inflectionist, finding critical inflection points in a system. Passionate and skilled with leave a legacy.
Publications | Talks | Documentaries | Signatures | Achievements
2016: Pitch for investors at Demoday BtoBe
2016: Lecturer Digital Experiences at Casa de Criadores
2016: Exhibitor South by South West – Trade show invited brand: Biosoftness
2016: Mentee 3M – learning how to drive companies around innovations
2016: Lecturer Social media at Sesc Pompéia w/ PhD Pollyana Ferrari
2016: Partner Connected cities w/ IBM at São Paulo city hall
2015: Signature Second skin garment for Maitê Proença
2015: Signature for FILA
2015: Lecturer IED São Paulo
2015: Signature for Alcaçuz
2015: Signature for Marina Abramovic in São Paulo
2015: DEV New Balance sports, hi-tech t-shirt for 12 hours run
2015: Mentor in innovation processes and decentralization for companies with revenues above 1MM
2015: Invitee Wearables Brasil
2015: Investor Startup Pitch at Google São Paulo
2015: Lecturer Inaugural seminar at the House of Learning – Lapa
2015: Committee TEXBRASILl
2014: Signature for Helo Rocha at SPFW
2014: Lecturer Glass Innovation workshop for brazilian glass and ceramic industry
2014: Signature Absolut Vodka Transformers of today, creative process
2014: Lecturer Faculdade Santa Marcelina, creative process
2014: Jury at Faculdade Santa Marcelina, upcoming designers
2014: Signature Premiere-Vision concept jeans bag w/ Marques Almeida
2014: Invitee Premiere-Vision workshop w/ Satu Maaranen
2014: Fashion show in Milan
2014: Singnature Absolut Vodka, Transformers of today by Renan Serrano as a fashion backbone
2014: Lecturer Entrepreneurship at SEBRAE
2013: Signature & DEV for new Edge collection line for Lita Mortari
2013: Fashion show in London, Trendt
2013: Signature Sustainability project with Marko Brajovic, clothing design
2013: Lecturer Faculdade Santa Marcelina, Textile Technology
2011: Signature window storefront of Surface to Air São Paulo
2010: DEV Brazilian auto show for Renault cars
2007 – 2013: Happenings in São Paulo by Renan Serrano
2011: Trendt, clothing design
2014: Grayscale 3M Post-it, for a clear design thinking
2015: Knitnano, first nano knitwear of the world
2016: Break a sweat, its a bioactive system into the fabric for powerful and disruptive sportswear clothing, release at Olympics in Brazil w/ Fila sport company
2016: PET is money, remove PET bottles from rivers and exchange it directly in stores to buy food and clothes
2017: Renan Serrano book – Lean Fashion
2017: Biosoftness, nano-organic bacteriostatic and vector repellent (fabric softener)
2018: Simbio, free small business management platform with AI (prizewinner of IBM basecamp 2013)
2018: Split-Taxi, a platform that finds other users who intend to do the same route, reducing CO2 emissions
2019: Dye.io, transparent wearable electro conductive fabric dyed with carbon nanotubes – This project is on an exponential stage if compared with Google Jacquard. I’m co-founder with Fernando Ely PhD in organic chemistry and head of the neutron detection sector in US Army(Dallas) against nuclear war
2020: Echo, I’m mentor and investor, a platform for sustainable industry (semi-finalist at Ashoka Changemakers and C&A fabric of change prize)
2030: Aramid-film, transparent low cost adhesive for car shielding
2015: Ashoka Change Makers – fabric of change – ECHO – Semifinalist
2015: Milan Design Week – clothing design
2014: Winner Prize at the Brazilian House Museum
2010: Award Faculdade Santa Marcelina – Contemporary designer
Licenses | Certificates | Hobbies
2015: Bunka Fashion School – Japan
2015: Surfer
2006: Fire-fighter
2004: Diver
2003: Kung-Fu and Chi-kung teacher
1999: Triathlon
1995-1999: Swimming relay – This is very important to define how is my work method today (A relay race is a track and field event in which athletes run a pre-set distance carrying a baton before passing it onto the next runner.)
1994: Japanese student
1988: Born